September 1st, 2010

Find the Perfect Dress: Small Bust

Lea Ann Belter Suzette

Lea-Ann Belter Suzette

On the hunt for a bridal gown that gives you a boost in the bust?

We’ve got a couple tips to help you find the dress that best highlights your natural beauty (with maybe a little extra up top!)

Lea Ann Belter Grace

Lea-Ann Belter Grace

1. Look for gowns with some extra volume on the bodice, and particularly in the bust. Ruffles, loose draping, and flowers will all do the trick!

Lea Ann Belter Parker

Lea-Ann Belter Parker

2. After you’ve found gowns you like with extra detail on the bodice, focus on the waistline. Gowns that cinch in tightly at your narrowest will not only show off your figure but also emphasize the fullness at the bust.

Lea Ann Belter Nicole

Lea-Ann Belter Nicole

For more tips on finding the right dress for your figure, go here!

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