March 7th, 2012

Lea-Ann Belter Bride’s Bustles



1. A frame or pad to support and expand the fullness of the back of a woman’s skirt.

2. A bow, peplum, or gathering of material at the back of a woman’s skirt below the waist.

PostsAs far as definitions go, this one describing a bustle doesn’t help much! In wedding gown lingo, a bustle is what is formed with a gown’s train to raise it off the floor and make way for your dancing feet.

There are a few different kinds, American and French being the most popular, but it’s hard to imagine what exactly your Lea-Ann Belter Bridal gown will look like bustled!

Thanks to a few of our gorgeous brides, we can share how some women have bustled their Lea-Ann Belter gowns:

Claire, Lea-Ann Belter Jemma, Harwell Photography

Claire wearing her customized Jemma, (source), photography – Harwell Photography

Amy & Pete, Lea-Ann Belter Amelia, photography - Jamie Collins

Amy & Pete, Amelia gown, photography – Jamie Collins

Laura & Rob, Lea-Ann Belter Bridgete, photography - Nora Photography

Laura & Rob, Bridgete gown, photography – Nora Photography

Sarah & Russ, Lea-Ann Belter Mathia, photography - Leslie Koehn Photographic

Sarah & Russ, Mathia gown, photography – Leslie Koehn Photographic

Kelly & John, photography - Artisan Photography

Kelly & John, Isabella gown, photography – Artisan Photography

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