March 13th, 2012

Wedding Day Wardrobe Glitch Kit

Some have nightmares about it, others don’t think about it until the day of the wedding, then panic.

The wardrobe malfunction.

What if your bridal gown’s bustle breaks? Or, worse, a vigilante guest spills red wine on it?

We emphatically advise against pre-emptively becoming agitated about what ifs. Keep in mind that whatever may go wrong is unlikely to be catastrophic. You will be beautiful wearing your gorgeous love-it-so-much-you-want-to-wear-it-every-day gown, and likely no one will notice any imperfections – all they or your sweetie will see is an effervescent bride.

However, there’s nothing like being prepared to instill peace of mind, which means a day-of wedding gown emergency kit. You don’t have to go out and buy something pre-packaged – a quick run to the market and you’ll have everything you need:

1. Champagne: It’s amazing how a glass of champagne in the morning will calm nerves and put everyone in a happy, relaxed mood. Says Lea-Ann: “I once had a good friend who would break out in red blotches when she got nervous. I had to make her a custom gown that had a high neck and long sleeves so the blotches wouldn’t show. I also poured her a glass of champagne to calm her while she was getting dressed. She didn’t have a blotch all day!”
2. Sewing kit: You might not know how to sew, but someone will! And when a button becomes loose, a needle, thread and scissors are lifesavers!
3. Safety pins: If your sewing kit isn’t enough to revive your bustle that got broken by an overzealous dancer, safety pins will be. Plus, they’re super handy for other wardrobe issues that may arise in the wedding party.
4. Chalk: If, and we mean if, a pen, pencil, or unidentified substance marks your gown, chalk goes a long way to disguise it.
5. Double-sided wardrobe tape: If your strap keeps sliding or bra keeps showing, this will do the trick.
6. Tide spot cleaner: A warning: silk fabrics (such as those used to make all Lea-Ann Belter Bridal gowns) react differently to stain cleaner than man-made fabrics (such as polyester). If you MUST use this, test it on the underside of your hem where any ring or discoloration will not show. However, this stuff can really come in handy for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.
7. Packages of salt: If a drip of wine gets on your gown, this can help suck it out. When it comes to blood, however, you are your best stain stick! Though it’s kind of gross, the best thing to do is use your own saliva to get it out.

Do you have any dress related worries and would like some advice? Comment below and Lea-Ann will answer your question!

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