May 25th, 2012

Lea-Ann Belter Ingrid Bride – Myleen (Part 1)

To walk down the aisle in the Philippines, Lea-Ann Belter bride Myleen traveled across the world with her Ingrid wedding gown! The journey she, her gown and her new husband, Mike, took is remarkable – once you’ve heard it all, it’s easy to imagine how much fun they had.

Though Myleen promises more from their wedding in the Philippines, we couldn’t wait to share her wedding gown globetrotting adventure (plus a few shots of their happy smiles from their photobooth)!

Lea-Ann Belter Bride Myleen and her new Husband!

Myleen and Mike, gown – Ingrid, photos – Baicapture Photobooth Rentals

From Myleen:

“I accidentally found your store as I got lost driving on Queen Street East area and the strapless lightweight Ingrid dress found me. After my last fitting at your Broadview store, I left for Asia. From Toronto, hubby and I had layover in Beijing, China then Manila, Philippines…then, on the way home from Manila we had layover in Incheon, Korea then Narita, Japan then Toronto, Canada! I hand carried my dress around the planet and every single flight there was at least one flight attendant who inquired about the dress.

It turned our three cultures/countries were well represented in our wedding: Philippines (my heritage – wedding location) USA (where husband and I grew up – most of our family and friends flew in as guests) and Canada (our current home – my Canadian dress represented by Lea Ann Belter)!”

Best wishes, Myleen and Mike! We can’t wait to see more!

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